Ninth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Hirschluch, Germany 2002

Sierra Leone

Peace Tax Foundation

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Re: 9th International Peace Tax Conference

September 2002 in Berlin, Germany.

Attention: Friedrich Heilmann,

I am directed to refer to the subject matter and to herewith submit the names of our participants for the above referenced conference scheduled to take place in September this year in Berlin, Germany. The names of participants are as follows: Dauda Thullah - Financial Director and Mr. Mohamed Bangura - Public Relations Officer.

Peace Tax Foundation Sierra Leone is a grassroots organisation founded and incorporated in Sierra Leone in 2000. It is an affiliate to Peace Tax Foundation in the United States with the objective to impose pressure on the Sierra Leone Government in order to stop using taxpayer's money for military purposes.

The aim of Peace Tax Sierra Leone is to campaign for a peace tax find. Our country Sierra Leone has faced a decade old rebel war in which the government spent all the country's revenues to purchase military weapons to fight the war. It is against this background that we stood firm to establish a peace tax campaign in Sierra Leone. But due to lack of finds to run the organisation to a national capacity, we therefore request the assistance of all the peace tax foundation to help us in our fund-raising efforts. The 9th International Peace Tax Conference (money, war and conscience) will serve as unique opportunity for us to put forward our financial constraint to enhance the above mentioned aims and objectives of the Peace Tax Foundation.

Be informed that Peace Tax Sierra Leone registered as a non-governmental, non-profitable grassroots organisation under the Ministry of Development of Sierra Leone. We are on the move to present our proposal to the Court Sierra Leone to enact a peace tax campaign.

We hope and pray that the International Peace Tax Conference will achieve it goal. Hence your kind attention to our financial problems is highly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Ishmail Mansaray

Country Representative, Peace Tax Sierra Leone (