9. Internationale Konferenz für Militärsteuerverweigerung und Friedenssteuerinitiativen

Grußbotschaft aus Kolumbien

Folgende Grußbotschaft bekamen wir von Ricardo Esquivia aus Kolumbien:

Warm greetings from the Colombian church and people,

Thank you for inviting me to your important Peace Tax Conference. I am deeply sorry that I cannot be with you on this important occasion. I was really looking forward to participating, especially given the special conditions of Colombia. We are deeply effected by themes you are addressing at the meetings. The government is launching a full-fledged war against the guerrilla, and the first victim is the pocket and bank account of Colombian citizens. The newest tax is going to support the army. As you can see, our situation has everything to do with your conference. Nevertheless, given the difficult and demanding situation, it was not advisable for me to leave the country at this time. I invite you to take us into consideration in your discussions. Perhaps we can have the next gathering in Colombia.

With warm regards,

Ricardo Esquivia Ballesta.

Weitere Grüße erreichten uns aus Ungarn von János Rátkai, aus Palästina von Elias Rishmawi, der nicht zur rechten Zeit aus Palästina ausreisen konnte, aus Japan von Michio Ohno von COMIT und Michiko Ishitani aus Japan, der Frau von Susumu Ishitani, der so gern noch gekommen wäre, aber der im Juni an der Leukämie verstarb, die er vermutlich als Überlebender nach dem Atombombenabwurf in Nagasaki davontrug.

Er hatte am eigenen Leibe erfahren, warum er für die Verweigerung der Militärsteuer kämpfte. Seine Frau schrieb:

“The members in Japan are trying to take over Susumu's role, feeling encouraged with the international activities of conciencious tax resistance. I can't describe how much I appreciate your concerns.

God bless you.”