Tenth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Brussels, Belgium 2004

Photos of the Tenth International Conference on WTR and PTC

Maison Notre-Dame du chant d'oiseau (Our-Lady of the Birds' Song) Plenary room (former convent refectory) Jan Hellebaut ready for registration Dirk Panhuis presiding. The banner is a gift from Marya Nijland for this and coming conferences.  Panel: Focus, Variety, Change: Daniel Woodham, Bart Horeman, Dirk Panhuis, Marian Franz; Pedro Otaduy Interpreters' booth (right: Yan-Christoph Pelz) Panel: Voices from the South: Michael Badasu, Dirk Panhuis, Arya Bhardwaj, Ricardo Esquivia Plenary room Workshop with Oliver Haslam Workshop with Deanna Douglas Game led by Gertie Brammer Robert Antoch, Martina Weitsch, Sepp Rottmayr, Kshama Pandey, Ute Antoch Gifts to Dirk Panhuis, Arya Bhardwaj, Nana-Fosu Randall, Ricardo Esquivia Ballestas Dining room Five of the 7 Board members of CPTI:  Pedro Otaduy, Ricardo Esquivia, Hannelore Morgenstern-Przygoda, Marian Franz, Dirk Panhuis Flemish organizers (VRAK): Dirk Panhuis, Januario Tavares Silva, Hilde Mariën, Koen Moens, Jan Hellebaut, Anja Nuttin

Photos 3 and 5 are taken by Hilde Mariën, all others by Friedrich Heilmann