Tenth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Brussels, Belgium 2004

Workshop 6: Arguments and Counter-Arguments

Led by Koen Moens (VRAK)


Report by Oliver Haslam (UK)

Koen started by explaining that in Belgium they have been developing and professionalizing their lobbying. They have experienced increased contact with parliamentarians and have been analysing how they can improve their lobbying. One way in which this has been done is with a focus on the counter-arguments they hear from parliamentarians.

VRAK have started by lobbying sympathetic MPs and now are working on those who need more persuading. Koen presented a document of 10 common misconceptions of the argument for peace tax legislation - a document which has been given to parliamentarians in order to avoid wasting time on irrelevancies.

The common misconceptions document has been revised into a list of arguments and counter-arguments. In the time available we discussed some of the arguments/counter-arguments experienced. Below are some of the points discussed:

In all the workshop was extremely useful and only a lack of time halted our interesting conversation.