Tenth International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Brussels, Belgium 2004

Workshop 10: Churches and Religious Movements

Led by Reverend/Pfarrerin Ilse Staude


Report by Hannelore Morgenstern-Przygoda


We invite members of Christian churches and other religious movements to exchange information about the latest developments in churches/religious movements and in the process of the Decade to Overcome Violence related to our concern. We also invite a member of CEC/Conference of European Churches with the intention to inform this organisation and to ask for putting WTR on its agenda.

10 Participants:

Robert Antoch / Germany: Society of Friends, Peace-group, working-group ‘Gütekraft’; David Bassett / Ann Arbor, USA: Society of Friends, 33 years Peace Tax Campaigns; Ricardo Esquivia Ballestas / Colombia: Mennonite Church, vice-president of the protestant churches; in negotiations between para-militaries and government he works as mediator; Nana-Fosu Randall / Ghana, London, USA: Methodist Church; 29 years financial officer/UN-peace-keeping-projects, Founder of The Voices of African Mothers; Michael Held / Germany: volunteer, Ev. Diocese Bad Hersfeld: work and coordination for practical steps on behalf justice, peace and integrity of the creation; Hannelore Morgenstern / Germany: lay staff in Industrial Mission Cologne, Ev. Kirche im Rheinland; Marya Nyland / Canada: social activist, Unitarian Church, (which is not member of the WCC); Liesel Rottmayr / Germany: Roman Catholic, Pax Chrsiti; Ilse Staude / Germany: chaplain for the vocational school/Ev. Kirche Hessen-Nassau; Vic Thiessen / Canada: Mennonite Centre London; Chair of Church and Peace; Interpreters: Konrad Borst, Burkhart Doempke, Brigitte Schneider


Last year Hannelore applied at the Council of European Churches/CEC and invited this year a representative of CEC to this workshop, but failed in both occasions. 


We started with an overview of the attitude of our churches towards war tax resistance/WTR.

List of next steps:

Request to everybody:

The German representatives of the Decade to Overcome Violence long for precise information about other churches which support WTR, preferably with the name and address of a contact-person. Please answer to: hannelore.morgenstern@gmx.de