Eleventh International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Woltersdorf near Berlin, Germany 2006

Finances of the 11th International Conference

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The 11th Conference was set up by the 10th, in 2004 in Brussels, as a joint project of an international working party for the preparation, together with the German Peace Tax Network. However, the financial support had to be secured very largely by the German side. We can now see that this was successful:

From March 2007, when all bills have come in (including those for print and postage of this documentation) and the books have been finally balanced, you will be able to request a balance sheet from the conference co-ordinator. The turnover is around €24,000.

This financial success was supported particularly strongly by the Protestant Church of the Rhineland, the Protestant Church of Hesse-Nassau, the Working Centre “One World/KPS” and the regional Protestant Church Bad Hersfeld/Kurhesse-Waldeck, with contributions totalling €8,500.

We express our warmest thanks for this support of international peace tax work.

With contributions and donations totalling €11,710, the conference delegates bore a considerable part of the costs themselves. In addition, there was a surplus of €1143 from the 10th conference in Brussels, plus a large number of donations totalling €1988, all of which were a great help.

The many voluntary workers, headed by the three interpreters, also contributed to the fact that we do not have to expect any financial worries arising from the conference.



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