Court Cases: USA: Daniel Taylor Jenkins: Second Circuit Appeal:

Amicus Brief of NYYM:

Table of Contents

New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

in Support of Daniel Taylor Jenkins before the United States Court of Appeals


  1. Identity and Authority of the Amicus
  2. Interest of the Amicus
  3. Summary of the Argument
  4. Argument
    1. War and the Support of War Violate the Quaker Religious Conviction
      1. Quaker Theology Opposing War
      2. Actions Arising From the Quaker Peace Testimony
    2. The Quaker Peace Testimony and Witness against War
      1. Quakers' witness against war would have been well-recognized by the Framers of the Constitution
      2. Expressions of the Peace Testimony
        1. Refusal to Pay War Taxes
      3. Other Expressions of the Peace Testimony
        1. Conscientious Objection to Military Service
        2. Humanitarian Actions
      4. Conclusion
    3. Religious Beliefs and Practices have been Repeatedly Accommodated by Governments in the Past
      1. Exemption from Military Service
      2. Exemptions from Paying Taxes for Military Purposes
      3. Religious Accommodation need not Burden the Administration of Taxation
      4. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act supports Accommodation
      5. Exemption of Amish From Paying Social Security Tax
      6. Conclusion
  5. Conclusion

Corporate Disclosure Statement

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