Table 13: Appeals

Appeal possibilities
State Adverse decision notified (and time limit): Appeal possible to: (and time limit) Further appeals to: (and time limit)
Armenia in a protocol giving reasons 10 days (Article 9) Draft  Commission for the Republic (10 days) the courts  (one month)
Austria civil court
Azerbaijan no procedures established
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Federation (S)
Republika Srpska (S) Ministry of Defence
Bulgaria in a formal motivation 30 days Ministry of Labour and Social Policy administrative court
Croatia an appeal panel comprising one representative each of: the Government, an ngoinvolved in alternative service service, and conscientious objectors organisations
Estonia Defence Forces Service Commission administrative court (Article 72)
Georgia  for confirmation by the State Commission for Civilian Service (20 days)
Germany (during service) Administrative court usually 2 to 4 weeks
Greece Council of State
Hungary (S) Ministry of Employment (Article 116.1)
Latvia local conscription centre (10 days)
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 60 days (Article 10)
Moldova no details stipulated in the Law Republican Recruitment Commission   (7 days) to the courts - induction suspended until final settlement (Article 18)
Poland by reapplication to regional commission, then administrative court
Romania no possibilities
Russian Federation  Courts
Serbia-Montenegro 15 days Ministry of Defence (15 days)
Slovenia (S) 6 months; 3 months during service (15 days)
Switzerland Ministry of Economic Affairs
Taiwan Ministry of Interior
USA (S) in writing, accompanied by notification of rights of appeal District Appeal  Board 15 days National Appeal Board