Eleventh International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns - Woltersdorf near Berlin, Germany 2006

Workshop 6: Cooperation with important (international) organisations

like EBCO, WRI, Pax Christi, Friends of the Earth.

Goals and ways of continuous networking.

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Facilitator: Derek Brett; co-facilitator: Dirk Panhuis

Topic: Where do we go at the international level and how will we cooperate with other organisations. The discussion started with a question about how information is submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee.

Some of the international organisations are:

Summary of the discussion:

It is important to find the common ideas among us and other peace or social movements. The object of COMT is to bring an end to war. If our national movements can improve connections with international NGOs.

CPTI can take part in ways that are effective. Participation in major international peace gatherings should be well prepared in advance by our national movements with respect to speakers, workshops, displays, materials in various languages, finances, and arrangements for travel and lodging.

In practice CPTI is already cooperating with other NGOs at the UN level in Geneva and New York.

Report: Beatrice Beguin, 27th Oct 2006