New Bill in the USA

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On 19th July 2021, one year after the death of Rep John Lewis, Representative Jim McGovern of Massachussetts became the new sponsor for the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Bill.  For more details go to

July 2020: Death of Congressman John Lewis

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For many years, Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, a distinguished veteran of the Civil Rights movement, had been peace tax's biggest friend in Washington.  In Congress after Congress he brought forward bills, most recently in 2011 (see below)

In memoriam 5: Roy Prockter

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Roy took over from Dirk as Secretary.  A freelance accountant, who with Robin Brookes had been a member of the Peacetay Seven, he handled the move of CPTI's registered address to England.  In June 2016 he called on a client, by cycle as usual, and collapsed and died on announcing himself at reception,  He was only 64.

In memoriam 4; Dirk Panhuis

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Dirk was the first Secretary of CPTI, and itsregistered address until 2014 was at his home in Leuven, Belgium.  He retired after the 2014 Bogota Conference, but it was to everyone's surprise that he sadly died later that year.

In memoriam3: Marian Franz

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Marian Franz (1930 - 2013), Pedro's predecessor as CPTI President, was for many years a tireless campaigner with the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund in the United States, see "A Persistent Voice", Cascadia, Telford PA, 2009, a collection of her writings edited by David Bassett, Stever Ratzlaff and Tim Godshall.  Earlier,she and her husband Delton, a baptist minister, had been important supporters of martin luther king.

In memoriam 2; Pedro Otaduy

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Pedro Otaduy died at the early age of 52, in January 2012.  Pedro had been the host of the 1994 conference at Hondarribia on the Basque coast where the decision was taken to found CPTI.  For some years he serve as Treasurer then from 2006 until his death as President.  See "Pedro Otaduy: la lucha de un insumiso" a rebel's struggle] by Miguel Garcia de Andres, Pamiela, 31194 Arre, Spain, 2014.

In Memoriam (1)

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The last few years have seen the passing of several important figures from the founding years of CPTI:

John Randall died suddenly in Summer 2018.  He and his wife Nina, a UN functionary, had given valuable assistance to CPTI in gaining UN accreditation.  But above all he is remembered as the creator of the CPTI website.

Pedro Otaduy died in January 2012, at the early age of 53.  Pedro had been the host at the 1994 conference in Hondarribia on the Basque coast where the decision to found CPTI was taken.  For some years he was Treasurer, then, from 2006 until his death, President.   See "Pedro Otaduy:la lucha de un insumiso" [a rebel's struggle] by Miguel Garcia de Andres, Pamida, 31134 Arre, Spain, 2014.