CPTI Privacy Statement

This website runs on a server that stores records of access automatically. These logs are required by our hosting provider in order to monitor performance and maintain security. These records include the IP address from which the site has been accessed, which may be the IP address of your own computer, of the router through which you connect to the internet, or a web proxy operated by your organisation or ISP. CPTI has no direct access to these logs.

This website may also set cookies on your system to ensure the smooth operation of the site or improve performance. You will be asked to give permission regarding these cookies, and if permission is withheld this site will not set cookies on your system. A record is kept of your consent, or a minimal cookie necessary to record your refusal is stored on your computer. You can change your mind using the "privacy settings" tab that should be displayed on-screen once you have given or withheld consent.

If you send an email to CPTI, or contact us through our contact forms, we assume you consent to our storage of any personal information you send us. Personal information sent to CPTI by either method is used only for internal administrative purposes and to send communications to people who have requested certain kinds of communications. CPTI does not share personal information for any reason with any person or organization outside of CPTI.

If you have any questions about this policy, please use our contact form to ask them.