How You Can Help

Give Financial Support to CPTI

Visit our Contributing Financially to the Work of CPTI page to learn how you can send a contribution.

Give Practical Support to CPTI

We need help from supporters to do the work we intend to do. You can help if you have certain skills: campaigning; networking; publicity; sending stories and legal news; writing skills (mainly in English); translating texts into German, Spanish, perhaps other languages; helping our representatives (if you live near Geneva or New York); etc.

Become a Fully Committed Member of CPTI

We welcome applications for committed membership of the General Assembly from persons concerned with the use of tax money for violence and war, and with conscientious objection.

Please send a short application letter to Conscience and Peace Tax International, c/o Peace Pledge Union, 1 Peace Passage, Brecknock Road, London N7 0BT, United Kingdom, or an e-mail message to

  1. Give your name, full postal address (no P.O. Box), e-mail address, telephone number, nationality, and a few lines of information about your experience and commitment to the paying of taxes for peace, not war.
  2. State that you have visited this Web site, have read CPTI's Articles of Association, and that you agree with the goals of CPTI as written in Articles 3 and 4.
  3. State that you are committed to the work of CPTI and that you are aware of Article 12. This means that you are committed to attend the (biennial) General Assembly of CPTI or to give a proxy to some other person attending the G.A. (The G.A. is usually held in conjunction with the biennial International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns.)

Encourage Your Organisation to Become a Member of CPTI

We welcome applications for membership of the General Assembly from legally established associations (NGOs) that are active in the field of taxation in respect of human rights, the abolition of war, nonviolent conflict resolution, and conscientious objection.

Your membership in CPTI does not mean that your association becomes a "branch" of CPTI. Your organization designates its representative for each General Assembly (not necessarily the same person, although some continuity is recommended).

If your association is a legal entity, constituted in accordance with the laws of your country, you can send your membership application to CPTI in the same way as mentioned above for individual members. Just add the following information: your Web site address and proof of your legal status (registration number, government recognition, or the like).

If your association is not a legal entity, a person who is a member of your association could apply for personal membership in CPTI.

Consider Becoming a Board Member

CPTI holds Board elections every four years (2010, 2014, etc.). Please contact the CPTI Secretary at if you are interested in becoming a Board member.